We had this crazy dream that small and medium size businesses should be able to market themselves as easily as big businesses. So we decided to try and even the playing field a little. Firstly we removed crazy set up fees for embroidery. We then removed minimum order numbers, you shouldn’t need to by loads of something just to get your name on it. Some people loved it those were the “customers” and lots of people hated it “the industry”.
We got a bit of hate for ruining an industry we think we improved it. We knew that would happen, I mean what business wouldn’t love setup charges and huge minimum orders.
It made us feel good so we kept doing it and adding more and more products and when we could lower prices for items that really help you to promote your business we did. Things like banners and flags that we unobtainable at one time to small business, now they are must haves.
That’s the reason getitbranded.co.uk was created to be a place you can come for things to help you market your business, your team, your club. Hopefully by now you know you will get a great product at a fair price. If you have any problems we will move heaven and earth to put them right.
We’re also in the lucky position a lot of people in the “industry” aren’t. We make stuff in house with our own hands. This means we can ensure you get what you want and we can advise you of the best products as we know the products and how they are produced.
We use this knowledge to make sure you get what you need not what we have to sell. We will always work with you to make sure you get the right products at the right price. Products you can be proud of and that will last.
We’re a family business - we’re not all related some of us are but we think of each other as family and we like it when our customers feel like that too.
Put your name on anything - don’t see what you want - go on challenge us together we can make it happen.
Workwear, Uniform, Promotional Items, Print and Design - This really is a one stop shop for all your branding needs.